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    • Dayans (Valminuta Records)

    • Bild Young promising DJ of 27 years, with already a lot of experience behind him. Dj and producer from the age of 15 years, always with a passion for music. The DJs gender Progressive House / Edm, reflect the strong personality and high charisma.

      The adventure starts in console in 2005, from a multitude of private events that launch evenings in more depth, making his debut at 17 in the best-known in his area, the 'Sea Witch', accompanying Dj Resident in many dates in one season.
      It 'was the right springboard. From there the last years he has played in the best clubs of southern Tuscany:
      King's Club, Eden Club, Subway, Beat Box, Tini, NewLine Disco Club, Operà, Seagull, Garden Pound, 101 Music Club etc etc ...

      Over the years there have been collaborations console making openings or closures at major events, sharing the stage with the likes of Gabry Ponte, Bob Sinclar, Provenzano, Maury Lobina (Eiffel 65), Gigi D'Agostino, Maurizio Gubellini,
      DJs From Mars, Federico Scavo, Milling Pot, Jessie Diamond, Promiseland, Emanuele English Emix, D-Lewis, T4L, Isy Dee and many more ...

      From 'Summer 2012 decided to form a real band of DJs combining ideas and personality with his best friend as well as colleague Aby Merlan, all up to March 2015 where they both sign with Valminuta Records label New Yorker and accordingly for reasons of production they decided to stop for the duo live but in a few circumstances surprise occurred again in pairs, but only to exclusive events and special.

      The peak comes in 'Summer 2013 where he was part of the Line Up of MagicFest MagicLand in Valmontone in Rome playing the main stage with the likes of Bob Sinclar, Gigi D'Agostino, Eiffel 65 Provenzano etc ... For two dates, sagione the same was also to Florida, Beach Club. In 2014, he sold out to Subway Follonica for over three consecutive dates, in FreeTime St. Vincent and NewLine Disco Club of Orbetello.

      In 2015, by agreement with the label New Yorker dates DJs will only and exclusively targeted to concentrate on the production of his singles. His first single is signed Valminuta Records collaborator with Trax Records and Highball Music label known German, famous for signing the first records of the then semi-unknown David Guetta.
      Blue is the title single was released last July 18 for sale online in all digital stores worldwide.
      After the summer stagone already at work for the next single, which you can only anticipate the feat with a young Australian singer-songwriter who has performed well at the Australian talent show.


      – Top 25 Italian Dance Music Awards | Best Edm Dj Producer
      – #6 Reverbnation National Rank


      – Top 20 Italian Dance Music Awards | Best Bootleg
      – #1 Reverbnation National Rank
      – #9 Video Song Contest F.I.M.
      – "Save The Children" official partner of track "Children of the War"


      Via G. Marconi, 94
      58019, Monte Argentario


      Booking: pieromelissanomanagement@gmail.com

    • 21.09.2017, 18:26 Uhr

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